Creative Services

They’re unique, out of the ordinary, and always surprising – our creative service professionals are always going above and beyond to provide you with an experience your company has never seen before. They’ll set up a tent in a parking lot and bring in a Cirque troupe for a magical performance, or throw a party on the beach and avoid the tides. They’ll even take over an abandoned mining town and make it come alive. Our creative experts are always discovering new and exciting ways to bring your meetings and events alive.

We provide:

Animated interactive characters in general sessions. Animated characters can cause some sidesplitting moments in your general session! This is a great way to bring some spark into those general sessions. Animated interactive characters can act as a “sidekick” or a “straight man” to get hilarious responses from your audience. We write the script (with your help for inside jokes), create and produce the animated character.

PowerPoint presentations and interactive characters. If you’re a speaker, spice up your presentations by using characters or video in your presentation. We’ll optimize video so it runs effortlessly in your PowerPoint program.

HD video or video walls for general session productions help create a cinematic atmosphere for both attendees and your online participants.